BBLogo Blackboard 9.1 Browser Check Tool

This page detects your browser, settings and plug-ins. This page provides access for testing plug-ins you may need to make your course(s) function properly.

At a minimum, Blackboard requires JavaScript and Cookies to be enabled in your browser. Within your course you may discover that your instructor requests you to download other specialized software.

Browser Information

Warning Your Browser:
Your Operating System:

If you see a fail or warning, icon review the official list of supported browsers and consider upgrading:

  • Firefox 9.0 + (PC/Mac), Internet Explorer 9 (PC), Safari 5 (Mac) are recommended browsers for accessing Blackboard.
  • Any Browser/ Operating system determined to be compatible with Blackboard will pass this check.
  • Browsers identified as compatible have been partially tested by Blackboard, but should function.
  • Internet Explorer 7 and earlier is not supported by Blackboard.
  • Beta versions of any browser are not supported by Blackboard.

Download a new Browser



A cookie (also tracking cookie, browser cookie, and HTTP cookie) is a small piece of text stored on a user's computer by a web browser. Different features of Blackboard use cookies.

Google Instructions for enabling Cookies in most web browsers.

Pop-up Windows


While using Blackboard 9.1, if you are unable to view discussion postings, quiz windows, and download links, then you may need to disable pop-up blocking for your web browser.



Javascript is a scripting language used in many web pages to create events and interactivity on the page. Almost every part of the Learning System relies on Javascript for the ability to generate interactive web pages.


Test your browser for the Java plug-in at the Java website. (will open in a new window)

Java is free software by the SunMicroSystems Corporation that is used to display some multimedia in a browser.Blackboard 9 also makes use of Java content for many of its elements. Blackboard Learn requires the latest version of Sun JRE 6. The JRE can be downloaded from JRE 7 is not supported.

PC only: choose "Free Download"; you will probably want "Java Runtime Environment" or "Java for Windows" version 6.

DOWNLOAD (click the "FREE" Java download)


This module allows you to see a test VoiceThread. If you can not view this presentation, please refer to VoiceThread's help documentation.

Adobe Flash Player

Test your browser to for the Flash Player and Version at the Adobe website. (will open in a new window)

The Adobe Flash Player is free software from the Adobe company that is used in many web pages to display animation, video and/ or audio. The most current version of the Flash player is the best choice. If you view web pages with video, games or animation you likely already have the Flash player installed. Many Blackboard courses include materials that use the Flash player. Follow the instructions on the Adobe Flash Player download page to download or upgrade your Flash Player.



To view most videos in Blackboard, you must have RealPlayer installed on your system.

Click here to view a test video. Please note that most videos have video AND audio, so make sure your speakers are turned up.

Adobe Reader

The Adobe Reader is free software from the Adobe company that is used in many web pages to display pdf (portable document format) files. It is best to use the most current version of the Adobe Reader.